Let us first start off with introducing ourselves. We’re a group of 4 people and we’re in your mid twenties. We’ve met during different marathons, one in Boston and one in New York. We almost talk daily about running, upcoming marathons and lots more. But our conversations are mostly based on running. Our last big conversation was about where to buy specific supply’s when we suddenly changed topic and talked about what if there was a Running’s currency to buy all the cool stuff with. One thing leads to another and now we’ve already published the website, contacted several sport shops where we come by a lot and pitcht this idea. Our friends and fellow runner’s where also very excited about this kind of concept so we’re definitely going thru with it. Below you find the steps we’ve already taken and also what we’ve planned to do.

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-> Coming up with the idea and give it form
-> Pitcht this idea by our close friends, fellow marathon runner’s and runner shops where we buy mostly all of our gear
-> Registering the website and creating something nice. luckily one of us four is very good at this (he’s a web designer)
-> Writing the topic for bitcoingarden and also coming up with a giveaway
-> Registering the Runner’s Twitter account
-> Getting social with the people we know
-> Our main purpose for now is to get the Runner’s currency known by as many Runner’s as possible
-> After that we want to start creating the software to submit the Runner’s currency so it can be really used and integrated as a currency
-> Looking for a company who can create this kind of software
-> Getting started off
-> more to come…